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Reconnecting with your values is an important step in increasing your awareness of Self and ensuring that you are living a life that is fulfilling. Generating a list of values is a first step in formalizing the process. In developing the list, it is important to bring awareness to what values have been instilled in you throughout the course of your life, from your family and friends, the culture you were raised in, the region you live in, and the larger society that you are a part of. In this process, you must assess which of these values still fit with who you are today and which may no longer be serving you and therefore need to be discarded.

It is useful to approach this process with openness and curiosity, honoring what naturally comes up for you. It is helpful to pay attention to how easy or challenging the process is. Bring your awareness to any self judgement along the way, a critical internal voice saying, “This value isn’t good enough”; “You should have this value on your list since you’re working in this field”; “You’re not really living your life by this value so you can’t include it here.” There is an abundance of available values to choose from and there is no need to rush the process. You can try on multiple options and edit your list over time, paying close attention to what feels authentic to you. Select a certain number of values and prioritize them in the order of the importance they hold for you, using a template like the pyramid figure below.

Value #1 Value #2 Value #3 Value #4 Value #5 Value #6 Value #7 Value #8 Value #9 Value #10

By becoming more conscious of your values, you can begin to create a life that is more reflective of your authentic Self. See the list below of possible values, and feel free to add to this list with additional values that are not included:

Achievement Accountability Adaptability Adventure Autonomy Authenticity Awareness Balance Bravery Charity Challenge Collaboration Commitment Communication Compassion Competition Connection Consistency Courage Creativity Curiosity Dependability Determination Education Enthusiasm Environmentalism Equality

Equity Fairness Freedom

Fun Growth Honesty Independence Integrity Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Love Loyalty Openness Optimism Passion Peace Perseverance Purpose Quality Time Respect Responsibility Security Stability Status Spirituality Tolerance Transparency Trust Wisdom

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